"The door towards a new world, towards a new life . It has been a rebirth. The reunion with myself"


"The Archetypes workshop has meant a major change in my life, I am now able to help myself and others. It is about being able to help to feel well, to balance and to be energetically balanced"

Francisco Javier

"Clear, subtle and essential tool in these moments of change. A precise help both to work with others and with ourselves. It has opened a horizon that looked very dark before. Now I see it very close, with valuable tools to apply. I feel stronger, more connected and happy to be able to work with this technique. If something brings you to this, do not miss it. There must be a reason…"


"Wonderful, it's so easy to help others and yourself. No approval of the patient is needed, It is an act of love that comes from your soul. Good, nice and cheap. I use it in my work and the improvement is spectacular. Thank you Carmen, please go on shinning with the same intensity. I met you by the free will and from the free will I say: thank you for the extraordinary tool that you have shared with all of us "

Mar Luque

“Archetypes for me have meant to keep on learning interesting topics that open ourselves to the spiritual and personal knowledge; to better know myself and others. A brilliant tool that flows through love, unconditional love, to be able to pass in a few moments this teaching learned from the Love and for the Love. Thank you Carmen for these teachings that you have shared with us with clarity, with ease, amenity and energy, and which I received with great gratitude "


"The archetypes workshop, both the first and the second level, brought me to people who have my same believes and interests. Sending light to everything around us. I see life from another point of view and it is so beautiful. Helping people sending them healing energy is very rewarding because you can see the results. It makes me feel really good. I hope to follow more useful workshops like this one, and to meet people who enrich my life by listening to their experiences. It was a pleasure! Thank you Carmen"

Blanca Neus

"Archetypes mean to me opening a door for healing. Along with other therapies that I practice. To meet Carmen has been a great experience for me; with her I learned things I never would have thought existed. Thank you Carmen for being a great person and a great teacher "

Antonia Trujillo

"Archetypes have helped me as a complement of the rest of therapies I do and to have more wisdom to be able to help people. "


"The two Archetypes workshops I have done helped me to put everything in place. I had like a puzzle in my head and now I know where to put everything. It will help me a lot in my work and has already helped me so far as I have seen results in adults and children that I could not have imagined. Thank you for sharing with us this so special tool. I thank you from all my heart"