I practice Arquetypes since 2006, having learned with Mª Angeles, direct student of Colin Bloy.

In my feeling, the Archetypes had to be very old and asking in a channeling that was the answer:

“They were given to Humanity by Ashtar Seran in this Age of Change”

I just transcribe the channeling.  Later on  Ashtar Seran was present in etheric, manifesting himself in the courses.  Sensitive beings can see and feel him ; messages given by himself confirm this fact. All this is explained for those who doubt its veracity.

I express my gratitude to Colin Bloy, for his dedication and hard work in spreading of this  Spiritual and Sacred tool , given to all those that from the Unconditional Love want to use it, to help themselves and to help others.

Thank You Ashtar Seran

Thank You Colin Bloy